The Struggle to Stop Hate

The Kakistocracy

Moderation is key, even with the most noble psychoses. Thus when the gauche narcolepsy of family, nation, heritage, and continuity finally gives way to proper self-annihilating wokeness, it’s important to keep an even keel. Because being too woke results in a medical condition called hypervigilance.

Hypervigilance is a state of increased alertness. If you’re in a state of hypervigilance, you’re extremely sensitive to your surroundings. It can make you feel like you’re alert to any hidden dangers, whether from other people or the environment. Often, though, these dangers are not real.
Hypervigilance can be a symptom of mental health conditions, including:

post-traumatic stress disorder
anxiety disorders

These can all cause your brain and your body to constantly be on high alert. Hypervigilance can have a negative effect on your life. It can affect how you interact with and view others, or it may encourage paranoia.

Schizophrenic liberals? I’m sure…

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Divergent Senses


That’s when two of your senses, hearing and sight in this case, are pulled apart by equally powerful stimuli. It’s like a graphic composition in which two objects compete for dominance. Not what you want normally, “too much of a good thing” is real. Pulling your attention from one side, is the perfect rock song: the twelve-string strums, the chorus, the bridge, the lyrics. And drawing your eyes, is the perfect elf woman in the video.

YouTube commenters post about both unrequited and consummated love for the song’s namesake. Also, comments from people who were inspired by Boston’s song to name their daughter Amanda. Didn’t everyone have an adolescent thing for a girl that they connected with a popular song?

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