Rugby player has $4 million contract canceled because he tweeted Bible verses about sin


Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle

I used to think that if you were really good at your job, then it wouldn’t matter if you were serious about your Christian beliefs, because no one would fire you. But I guess that’s not true when it comes to the conflict between gay rights and the Bible. On Friday, an Australian rugby player had his contract canceled because he shared some Bible verses on social media.

Here’s the story from the UK Daily Mail:

Israel Folau says he ‘deeply saddened’ by Rugby Australia’s decision to tear up his $4million rugby contract, but his religious beliefs should not stop him from playing the sport.

The decision, which was announced on Friday afternoon, makes the devout Christian the first Australian athlete dismissed for expressing religious beliefs after sharing a homophobic Instagram post.

[…]’The Christian faith has always been a part of my life and…

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Tourniquets, Chest Seals, and Pressure Dressings, Oh My!


pocket med

Tourniquets get a lot of digital bandwidth in tactical and preparedness virtual circles. Rightfully so, since they’ve demonstrably saved a fuckton of lives over the last two decades of combat. Unfortunately though, in the process of bludgeoning a deceased equine, in order to overcome decades of medical institutional intertia about the supposed hazards of tourniquet use, many people—myself included, unfortunately—have neglected to make it a point to discuss the surrounding issues.

Let’s start with this, just to get it out of the way:

If you carry a gun, and you’re not carrying a tourniquet or two, you’re either LARPing, or you’re a fucking idiot. The fact is, a “gunfight” implies bilateral ballistics, and the enemy gets a vote. If you assume your one box of ammo a month “practice” regimen means you’re automatically a far better marksman than the bad guy you are going to end up in a gunfight…

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Campfire Chat


This article series seems to be rapidly turning into “John’s Responses to Reader Comments and Queries.” I’m completely cool with that. If you have something you want me to address, either comment on the article(s) in question, or drop me an email, and I’ll try to hit it in these each week.

Just recognize…you might not like my response.

All right. This one is kinda long. Take a knee, drink water, etc….

1) Just curious, by 62 grain I assume you mean M855? Is that what you keep with your AR for ‘bump in the night’ situations, or is that what you grabbed specifically to shoot that deer? I keep a couple mags loaded with Hornady TAP with the ballistic tips with the idea being that they will be more likely to do soft tissue damage to an intruder. I keep a couple mags of both 55 and 62 grain…

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From the Library


1) Highland Folk Ways by I.F. Grant

Like Irish Folk Ways, which I discussed last week, this is another ethnographic/cultural study, this time of the Scottish Highlands, up to the Clearances, as well as some discussion of the transitions that occurred culturally following the Clearances. Really good look, and a pretty cool book. It’s kind of like The Foxfire Books, only in one volume, and in Sean Connery’s voice.

2) The Modern Art of High-Intensity Training by Aurelian Broussal-Derval

This is, hands down, the best look at “Crossfit” type conditioning work that I’ve seen yet. There’s a thorough discussion of what this type of PT can accomplish, and what it cannot. It covers why some of this type of conditioning work does amazing things…and why some of it is just stupid. It discusses both the primary cause of “Crossfit” injuries (spoiler alert: Bad coaching, pushing people to go faster, before…

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