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Tempus Fugit, Med Supplies Edition

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A comment by Aesop:

1) The “Opioid Crisis” is well-understood by everyone in the medical field to be NOT Grandma and Uncle ODing on Rx opioids, but rather heroin junkies dying from using Smack cut with acetyl (garage-brewed only) fentanyl. It is Darwinism in action, and it’s a feature, not a bug.
500 junkies a day dying from fatal overdoes? What down side?
MOAR, please.

2) You don’t need Fish Mox.
You need Fish everything.
And even then, you’ll be missing a few rather vital options, but something is better than nothing.
You should also have recent editions of Tarascon’s Pocket Pharmacopeia to give you dosages and normal course, a good nursing drug reference (Mosby’s, etc.) to lay out do’s and don’ts etc., and a current/recent PDR to understand everything about the drugs in question. All available from Amazon, and most all on the shelf at Barnes & Noble…

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“We understand how hard and costly it is to regain our country”


That statement, today, is most apropos Westerners who had lot their countries to mass immigration.

On an English-language blog, I post Poland-related material primarily with the thought of it relating to the dreams of people of English-speaking countries, as I live here too. The video below, which is a four-minute explanation of the Independence March in Warsaw, will speak to your thoughts. Many elements of Polish history are playing out right now in your country.

The English-speaking narrator opens with:

Many in foreign media outlets have criticized [the march], with some strong words used to label those who attended. Noted political scientist Francis Fukuyama…

The photo below is flashed up; the banner says “White Europe of Brotherly Nations”


… labelled the march “fascist.” Andrew Rettman for the EU Observer called it “Neo-Nazi.” Al Jezeera described it as “homophobic and White supremacist.” And the BBC labeled it as “far right.” The…

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