New book ‘Ethnostate’ now available in paperback!

The Roper Report

EthnoState: The Best of The ShieldWall Network and The Roper Report (The Balk) (Volume 2)

Following up on his controversial yet blockbuster book ‘The Balk’, Billy Roper updates the demographic and sociopolitical manifestation of the ongoing polarization and division of the United States. The coming breakup of America, or ‘balkanization’, is accelerating. Once you read this compendium of articles and essays from different sources and absorb their implications, you will agree, and be ready to prepare for the future. 188 pages, $10.

Available now HERE on Amazon.

Here is a new discussion forum talking about the very subject of the book.

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Sellner’s Speech, As Delivered By Tommy Robinson: “You Are Being Replaced”

Western Rifle Shooters Association

A terrific idea from RRW, who wants freedom folks to spread the text of this speech far and wide.

Tommy’s reading of it is above (at 3:45); here is the text:

Dear Friends, dear Britons, dear lovers of free speech.

I assume you all are lovers of free speech because you have come to Speakers’ Corner.

You might not understand all the fuss happening today around this speech. Honestly, I don’t understand it either.

My name is Martin Sellner. I am an Austrian patriot, and at the moment, I’m sitting in a detention cell in Colnbrook Bypass near Heathrow. My smartphone was taken and my girlfriend Brittany was separated from me. I currently don’t know where she is. We will be deported on Sunday.

Five minutes ago, they unlocked our cells and my fellow inmates are gathering in the prison wing. They are mostly illegals and eastern European criminals.

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America’s new generation of little secular psychopaths


Zombies! They can't think about policy rationally Zombies! They can’t think about policy rationally

I’ve been reading a lot about life in the former Soviet Union, where millions of innocent people were murdered for “equality”. I’m trying to understand how it was possible for an entire population to voluntarily give up their freedom in exchange for concentration camps and mass graves. The conclusion I’ve come to is that the majority of the Russian people must have lost the ability to make judgments about right and wrong. Could such a thing happen here?

According to Everett Piper, writing in the Washington Times, it already has: (H/T Ari)

For some 70 years, “The Lottery” has rightly been included in many literary anthologies for its shocking portrayal of the power of groupthink and the human inclination to accept evil.

For more than 30 years beginning in 1970, English professor Kay Haugaard used the story to spur corresponding discussions in her literature…

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