Under Pressure

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A month or two ago or so I made (promise to myself, and others too) a decision that I will write posts on my blog more often, because of a few reasons, first and most important is that you folks react positively on posts and want to read new posts more often, other reasons are simply because there are always good topics for writing, and I simply want to write more often.

But just like with lot of other good (and strong) decisions, very often real life jumps in and asks for all your time and attention. ‘Life pressure’ gets you and you are simply living day by day under it.

Pressure dictates all your actions because you have to live, and sometimes writing blog post is a fine luxury…

Point of this short intro. is that I have learnt, a long time ago, how to operate under the pressure, and it is simply about switching off some of your functions and pushing on and on, until you get again into the position of normal.

It is one of the most valuable lessons of surviving the SHTF, because if you do not do that when SHTF you will fail to operate properly and that will get you dead…

Anyway, now I (finally) have some time to write a post, I want too share with you this story….   From —  http://shtfschool.com/blog/

Why We Need a Real Traditionalist Movement


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Are you getting tired of the constant gender-war which seems to be waging out in every single corner of the internet right now? If you answered yes, then you’re in good company, it seems no matter which ideology you subscribe to, the sexes are always divided – and this isn’t healthy or productive in any way. For the purpose of this post I am limiting my discussion to the traditionalist side of the ‘political’ spectrum – since this is where I fit into things – well, at least where I would like to fit in.

As you may have already read in my posts; Looking In: How Women See the ‘Alt-Right’ & Why We Don’t Participate and Go Away ‘Red-Pill’ Salesman, I very clearly have a problem with the current so-called ‘traditionalists‘ and their respective ‘movements‘. Rest assured though, that I am not alone in…

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Brussels, NATO & The Globalists in Total Disarray

Covert Geopolitics

The EU, NATO, and the western alliance have utterly failed the people of eastern Europe. The unrequited love of former Soviet bloc nations is slowly turning to scorn. The Euromaidan and ensuing civil war have laid bare an ideological and cultural divide ages old. With Brussels and NATO reeling from recent events, the fear mongering used to leverage aligned nations is losing its effectiveness.

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Under Pressure

The ShieldWall Network

Survivalism and prepping is an important aspect of The ShieldWall Network. However, that’s not just about physical exercise and acquiring resources. In this article, a professional prepping expert and survivor of the Yugoslavian civil war discusses how to prepare a survivalist mindset so you can conquer the pressure and stress in a SHTF scenario.

Under Pressure

“…The guy was about 45 years old when I met him. The SHTF maybe two months before that, and I met him while we were trying to make sense of some military power generator that we found in abandoned army storage.

It was hopeless attempt to make it useful, we did not had any clue about how that thing worked, what fuel it used, or even how to drag that beast to our home.

Even if we solved all that problems, starting it at home was like invitation for bad folks. But we did…

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The “Fourth” Women: 7 Ideals of Traditionalist Women -Part 5 By:E.B.

The Shield Maidens

Part 5 – Permanence 

By: E.B.

(a.k.a. When the going gets tough…)

“The mission of a woman is to minister in the home and in her profession to the needs of life from the first to last moment man’s existence”

One of the greatest tragedies in today’s modern society is the rampant growth of the divorce rate. On average, in America there is a divorce every 13 seconds. First marriages have a 41% chance of ending in divorce. That means that you are more likely to get divorced at least once in your lifetime than you are to get into a car accident. The statistics for 2nd and 3rd marriages are even more staggering (60% and 73%).

I cannot pretend that I am special in this. I am among these heartbreaking statistics of marriages ended and vows broken. I take no pride in this, but afterwords, I examined the rights…

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