Headsets & Boom Mikes for Baofeng UV-5RA

Baofeng 2-Pint PPT Headset –

Baofeng radio Headset - over the earAs I got everything lined out to test the next headset I was not encouraged.Actually I was very discouraged…the testing was going poorly and I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t find a decent headset to recommend. And honestly, it was looking as if all the headsets were made by the same company in China and they would all end up basically being the same thing.

I also started thinking that maybe it was the price range that was dictating the quality of the equipment. I kind of worried that this headset might be just as bad due to its price alone.

I got it all set up. The fit was surprisingly comfortable and stable. Strange, it had the least padded earpiece but felt just fine. Next I asked for a 5-count…no “pop.” The incoming transmission sounded very clear, I would say “crisp” and easy to listen to. I asked for another 5-count, same results. I was gaining hope. Now, it was my turn to give a 5-count, then another. When I asked for the quality check I received a “very clear” as the response. They said it was easy to understand what I was saying even when I spoke softly into the boom mic.

Being very encouraged I started paying attention to the quality of this headset. But, before I share that with you let me digress just a little. As I was putting it on, it felt a tad weird at first. I had to make four tries to get the fit just right and feel like I had the headset adjusted and secured. Remember, this is the headset that fits over the ears and then support band goes behind that head, not over the head.

Remember, I had that fear of the “over-the-ear” fit, worried that it would put stress and/or weight on my ears? Well, that was all for naught. The fit was fine, the little parts of the band that went over my ears felt fine and very comfortable. The earpiece felt especially comfortable and lay nicely against my ear.

I kept looking the unit over for quality control issues. Here is were the rubber meets the road…this is not a military grade piece of radio equipment. This is a $14.00 piece of radio equipment from China. It won’t make it through some Navy SEAL field trial or a month-long Delta Force operation. But, this piece of equipment is very decent. I like it and I am going to use it, it will become part of my communications center kit. I would also not hesitate to use this on guard duty or a patrol mission.

Undoubtedly it will break. I have already started looking for ways that I will fix this headset when the break does happen. I am also look for other configurations that might make it more battle worthy. But, don’t get wound around the axle in regards to the quality…it is plenty good enough. And if are that worried…buy 2 or 3 of these units for back-ups. One thing I noticed since I originally purchased this headset for testing is the price increase. This headset is not $14.99. This is a…Amazon - Headset - Baofeng


But, there is still one more headset to review…hang on!

Arama B380K01 Overhead Earpiece Headset –

Arama radio Headset baofengI am trying to figure out the best way to review this headset…

Well, let’s go with…REALLY HIGH QUALITY HEADSET!!!   The only “over-the-head” model that I would recommend. Worth the Arama radio Headset baofengmoney…period.

  • Excellent reception clarity, no “pop” or “snap” sound.
  • Well padded earpiece that is very comfortable.
  • Sturdy expanding, adjustable, metal headband. The ONLY unit tested with a metal headband.
  • By far the best PTT switch, well protected. Maybe not weather-proof, but I wouldn’t doubt it.
  • The only headset tested that fits under a bump or ballistic helmet.Amazon - Headset - Arama

Arama radio Headset baofengRecommendation…

>>>>> BUY ! ! ! ! !

Note #1 – Since the review the price went down by $1 to $14.98

Note #2 – I bought a second one, for my wife.

Summary –

Here is the ranking…

  1. Arama B380K01 Overhead Earpiece Headset – $14.98
  2. Baofeng 2-Pint PPT Headset – $14.99

All tied for Dead Last (do not buy) –

  • Wouxun 2-pin Headset
  • Bigstone 2 Pin Overhead Earpiece Headset
  • Retevis 2 Way Radio Headset
  • SUNDELY® Over Head Earpiece/Headset

You would think I am done with this review of headsets with boom mics…yeah, not so fast! I am trying out one more option that is way off the chart for what I normally would have considered. But you will have to wait for the next part of this review series. I should have it completed within 7 – 10 days for you to read. Hand in there and keep your eyes open for it!

Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.

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