Nine Months: Portable/Solar Thoughts

Western Rifle Shooters Association


From a patient reader, who did the work and then tolerated graciously the editor’s “Squirrel!” tendencies:

I can go only with what I did, as well as some lessons-learned from doing some calculations with a mutual friend (re batt consumption).

The first step really must come first. One must learn the radio and what it consumes in an average duty cycle. Basically that asks how much power is it consuming when transmitting in your preferred mode (pick the one with the most overhead as a SWAG). Typically the manual will tell you this if you actually read it. This is part of simply nugging out where to plug in the variables, because this is a math problem at its core. This consumption will drive how you size your battery solution, therefore your solar panel, and the charge controller you use. My personal average duty cycle is about 80/20; 80% receive…

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Calls for ‘Rehabilitation’ and Tribunals, post Election 2016

The Defensive Training Group


As has been said in the past, DTG doesn’t normally post political pieces except on occasion.  This is one of those, because it has everything to do with constitutionalism, preparedness, and traditional American values that have become an anethma to the ‘liberals’ who call themselves, ‘the left’.

First, I don’t really care what your politics are….until whoever, “you” are, call for ‘de-baathification’ for those who may or may not support one or another ‘constitutional’ candidates…

From, “Stop Shouting”, here.  Read the whole thing.

Here’s a couple important excerpts:

“OK folks, this has gotten serious.  Understand that your class and ideological enemies now are floating the idea that you (and me, brother) are to be subject to some form of political tribunal and “rehabilitation” or adjudication, as the case may be.  If you don’t think this is serious, might I remind you of what happens when your group falls into…

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