A Holistic Approach to Packing a 72-Hour Bug Out Bag- Part 2, by C.T.

A Holistic Approach to Packing a 72-Hour Bug Out Bag- Part 2, by C.T.

Once you have all your gear assembled to make your trip, you need somewhere to put it. Naturally this is the “bag” part of “bug out bag”. Now many people get all excited at this point and buy some sort of tactical bag with Molle attachments for all of their accessories. I think we can all agree the Molle type bags look awesome and are very functional. If you just have to get one, then do it. However, if you are really thinking tactically, any advantage you get from being able to attach items to the outside of your bag will be far outweighed by the negative perception it forms in many people’s mind. I instantly go on alert when I see someone with military gear, and I assume they are carrying concealed. Is that how you want everyone you come into contact with to treat you? It makes more sense to have a normal camping style backpack in earth tones that will not stick out like a sore thumb.

Either way you go with the bag, just having a 72-hr Bug Out Bag of some sort puts you ahead of 90% of the population.

Good luck getting from A to B.

Do Not Be Deceived – This Election Is Not Going To Save Us

Sword At-The-Ready


The Republic is already lost and gone.

We had a velvet coup – no one noticed, no one believes it. Yet the evidence is all there, right in your faces – and everyone pretends it’s not so. Factions and party cheering the shell game to preserve the facade of what we once were, while the masterminds play us all like cards.

Half the population has made government their god, and the other half is looking to make their chosen political messiah, king.  More than two-thirds of the country now look at the Office of President as a quasi-monarchy; a defacto dictatorship that will benefit them and their causes.  This fact is made self-evident by the numbers of people who assume that their candidate will be able to do all the things they campaign on via diktat:  Make the sea levels fall; stop the Climate; Build a wall, make Mexico pay for it; …

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Caring for Cast Iron


kitchen1Stemming from a couple important questions related to my last post, I need to point out a few basics of care for cast iron that may be lost these days. Cast Iron is not plug and play; it takes a bit of care and preparations in order to gain the best results and in the case of grinders, not damage the tools themselves.

These are things that used to be common knowledge. In my relatively brief life, luckily I learned the value of great living that I would later come to know as Survivalism early on. Sadly those Depression-era vessels of knowledge are dying off, and only a fraction of our current population seem to retain what’s being lost. Regardless, let’s do our part to spread the knowledge.

Cast Iron requires a decent amount of attention before being used, but once done properly, will last your lifetime and…

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