Poor Man’s Body Armor


chicom2I’m going to start this one off by stating if your weigh body armor options through a fitness prism, and many folks do, you’re wrong, and you need to stop reading, walk outside, and do something strenuous. If you’re an excuse maker, guess what- your odds of personal survival are slim anyway, much less working within a successful guerrilla Light Infantry paradigm. I hope that hurts some feelings, because when feelings get hurt, folks do something about it.

Musa himself was well armed, “I carried a Kalashnikov, the older 7.62mm model, not the smaller 5.45mm model. The larger round is much better than the 5.45mm because it is less likely to ricochet in urban and forest fighting. Several of our people were killed in Grozny from friendly fire- ricochets from the 5.45mm round.”

“Because I was a commander, I also carried a pistol and three or four magazines. I carried…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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