MSN lying by omission?

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I don’t claim to know the motivations of the Munich mass-murderer Ali Sonboly. People from Muslim countries can be deranged, depressed or at their breaking point just like the rest of us.

But this much is clear: The media is in damage control/propaganda overdrive mode. MSN interviewed a witness, one  Huseyin Bayri, who tried to help the wounded. It’s obvious that they’re going out of their way to interview innocent bystanders who, specifically, are of Muslim origin. This is a known media tactic.

But look closely at the video, also found here, at second 16-17. You’ll notice that they clipped something out. Other sources state that the gunman shouted “Allahu akbar!”

Could it be that Huseyin Bayri told the reporter of this, but that portion was cut out? It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

As this endless bloodshed continues in Europe, it becomes ever more evident that the…

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Announcing the Unseen P2P VPN

Announcing the Unseen P2P VPN
Greetings everyone!


We have exciting news! The wait is nearly over for the next era in secure communications — THE Unseen Peer 2 Peer VPN, which has been in development for the last year. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and it’s a way to create a secure tunnel between your computer and another computer in a data center or someone’s home. Some of you might be asking “What does a VPN actually do?” Well in simple terms it makes your computer appear to be in another place with a different IP address over a secure and encrypted connection. The largest corporations and governments all use VPNs to secure their communications, why shouldn’t you have the same protection for your valuable information that you transmit on a daily basis?

While we can get you into our high tech data center with the Unseen VPN you might also be asking “What’s going to be special is the p2p VPN?”, Well Our VPN device allows you to securely and effortlessly connect directly with a friend or colleague and their computer or network. Our engineers decided to base our VPN on opensource hardware and programming of the Raspberry Pi 3, in addition to this we will also make the client side opensource.

Raspberry Pi 3 with Clear Case, power supply, ethernet and USB power cable (EU+US) + 4GB RAM card pre-loaded with Unseen VPN software included.


Our VPN has been fully tested establishing VPN’s over different dataconnections from the US, Panama, Vietnam and Switzerland and it will come with the following features:

  • Ability to improve performance connecting to many sites that have degraded network connections.
  • Circumvent blockages and snooping imposed by your ISP. (Depending on your ISP, you could see performance improvements, but you will certainly get around their deep packet inspection.)
  • Secure access when using public wifi and on airplanes. (This is a significant issue for people now with the hacking. Airplanes and other networks that block UDP will require a software upgrade we are developing, but it’s in the works)
  • A unique p2p feature that will allow you to connect your computer directly to a network of your friends and colleagues. (You’ll be able to set up a node in your office and on the road, for extra security.)
  • Open source hardware and software. (A hardware solution makes it even more private, just unplug and nothing remains on your computer. You launch with a web browser, so no software to install. This is the cleanest way to protect our users.)
  • Use your Unseen account’s roster to automatically choose the contacts with a vpn capability in addition to using p2p over vpn to connect with them directly, share files, and do direct calling.
  • Hotel mode to create a wifi base station you can share with other, use your phone and laptop, etc. (Multiple users can share a vpn with this mode.)
  • Starbucks mode to connect to a public wifi with security and privacy.
  • Protect your bitcoin nodes by using a vpn to make it secure and hide your IP.
  • Includes one year of service with at least two gateways. (We will be adding more gateways as we get closer to launch . You’ll will need a second hardware unit to connect to a second location.)
  • Shipping by September 30th, with pre-release of 50 units set for August. (Let us know if you are interested in giving feedback and being an early tester.)

Access the hardware directly from your browser

Select the mode (starbucks vs. hotel) plus the local wifi you want to connect to from the control panel. You will also accept any network terms or enter credentials to start up your internet connection through this screen. (note: these screen subject to change for final shipping version)

If you have a older “blue box” VPN, we will have an update for your shortly to make it compatible with this newer version and the RP3 hardware.

Unseen users get first shot at the special pre-release introductory price of $119, which includes the hardware, software and one year of service. Once we ship the final release in September, the price will increase to $149 (including a full year of service) so act now to take advantage of this oppurtinuty.

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Someone is always listening.


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10 June 2014
DEA/NSA SANDKEY Voice Intercepts
A sends:
Enclosed are three images that are the heart of the NSA SANDKEY program. SANDKEY is a joint DEA/NSA program that intercepts and exploits unencrypted VHF voice communications of narco-traffickers at sea.
SANDKEY targets those communications of and between maritime vessels operating in the Caribbean and southwest waters. It may intercept communications between the mother ship and go-fast boats or between the mother ship and shore. Primarily it extracts intelligence based on voice communications and through Radio Direction Finding, vectors law enforcement asserts to the mother ship. For example, a Panama Express-South (PANEX-S) team will, through an informant, know a certain boat’s departure, SANDKEY will be tipped-off to monitor the traffic and a US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) will conduct the interdiction. SANDKEY, over it’s long-life, has detected and identified the major drug trafficking corridors…

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