Chicago Adding Apostrophes

The Kakistocracy

I wonder what Chicago’s African name will be? I don’t wonder very much, since the world is growing full of weedy patches growing up through the remains of civilization. But it might be worth placing a wager if any Vegas parlors have set a line.

The convention of re-naming cities as they return to the pestilence of primitivism has a distinguished pedigree. Leopoldville became Kinshasa, Salisbury became Harare, and Fort Lamy became N’Djamena, as three examples among many.

For Chicago I’d probably submit C’thulh’u for consideration to maintain first letter continuity. Though whatever apostrophe-riddled tongue exercise is ultimately chosen, it won’t be you or I being sought for input. Because modern liberalism has a logical conclusion: pre-modern barbarism. That’s what took place recently in Chicago, where a troop of disadvantaged teens (to use another re-branded naming convention) live-streamed their cri de coeur by kidnapping and torturing a mentally disabled white…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.