Team Culper Sends: Intel Exercise Beginning 19 JAN – Battletracking the Inauguration Protests

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Starting Thursday, 19 JAN, I’ll be hosting a free event in Austin, TX for anyone who wants to battle track the reds and dindus protesting the Inauguration. Just like we did with the Ferguson riots and the GOP Convention protests, we’ll producing real-time intelligence on the marches, protests, and riots. This is an excellent learning opportunity as we delve into Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Community and cover the Intelligence Cycle. By Thursday night, we’ll begin tracking the event once things pick up. (If you want to attend this event from out of town, I’ve negotiated a discounted rate at the hotel. There are numerous other hotels in the area, too.)

The event costs nothing and I’ll provide drinks and order pizza/Chinese/whatever for lunch and dinner. Volunteers need to bring a be-know-do attitude and be prepared to learn the battle rhythm of an event like this. This will be real-time…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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