Former Ringmaster’s Take on Circus Closure

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

by Rev. Austin Miles

(Before becoming a minister, this columnist in younger years worked as a circus ringmaster for major shows throughout the U.S. and Canada, bringing extra insight to this breaking story)

The Ringling Brothers Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, will be no more after May 1, 2017. It is closing for good. Like everything else, it has had its day. The surprise announcement was made to heartbroken performers this past Saturday, January 14th, after a performance in Orlando.

This came as a shock since only a couple of days before, they grandly announced they would have the first female ringmaster in the 146 year history of that circus.  She was counting on a full career. She was in rehearsals to take that spot. So there was no clue of the almost immediate announcement.The season for the grandeur we all looked forward to is sadly coming to a close.

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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