Killing Civility: The drone strike mentality and destruction of the moderates

The Virginia Freeman's Society

In an era of weaponized sensitivity, participation in public discourse is growing so perilous, so fraught with the danger of being caught out for using the wrong word or failing to uphold the latest orthodoxy in relation to disability, sexual orientation, economic class, race or ethnicity, that many are apt to bow out. Perhaps intimidating their elders into silence is the intention of the identity-politics cabal — and maybe my generation should retreat to our living rooms and let the young people tear one another apart over who seemed to imply that Asians are good at math.

Lionel Shriver

intersectionalityOne need look no further than Twitter, or the headlines of major news media outlets on either side of the aisle to see both candidates being described as ‘Nazi,’ ‘pig,’ and ‘witch’ or ‘demon.’ Likewise, much screaming has emanated from both sides as we slowly watch the second and third…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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