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Over the transom (edited for PERSEC) this morning:

We got this from an allied unit in [DELETED]. We upgraded and changed to suit our needs. Every Militia unit, NPT, CRT, or Group of Rugged Individualists should be able to build one for the cost of a good rifle.

I have attached a copy of the blueprint for the radio and antenna. It is fairly simple to build.
The PDF plan are for a 2 meter model that works with 2 meter ham and FRS/GMRS radios.
(Baofeng etc). It is versatile and very robust.

Our version is a bit beefed up and I replaced some parts as listed below. Feel free to reply with any questions. Use as you see fit.

Local version: FRS-GMRS/ 2 meter/ 6 meter/ 10 meter.

Swapped the 2 meter radio, for a quad band 10 meter – TYT-TH-9800-Mobile-Radio-Quad-Band

Swapped the 2 meter antenna for a quad…

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