Concepts For A New Civil Defense Organization: Part I – Overview

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A reader sends the first of a series:

I don’t expect .gov at any level to be smart enough to embrace these ideas, but no matter: folks in their neighborhoods can do so without the need for Big Brother/Sister/Intersected Confused Person looking over their shoulders. Suggestion for improvement from comments will be considered gratefully for future iterations.

Concepts for a 21st Century Civil Defense Organization


* World is becoming increasingly unstable at all levels from local to international.

* Infrastructure is both old and very tech dependent, leaving it vulnerable to both natural disaster and deliberate attack.

* Conversely, the population is becoming increasingly dependent on this infrastructure for all aspects of life and yet less able than ever to repair it or able to work without it in the event of its loss or severe damage.

* Governments at all levels simply do not have the resources to…

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