Bracken Sends: COTS Drones And Their Implications

Western Rifle Shooters Association

In 1974, we were shocked by the Patty Hearst kidnapping by the SLA — not the kidnapping so much as her being brainwashed into becoming a gun-toting SLA bank robber. In 2001, we were shocked when box cutters took down the WTC. in 2017 or 18, we’ll be shocked when a Zuckerberg or a Gates is assassinated by a COTS* drone. If I was a Zuck or a Gates, I’d pay to have all of my entire estates turned into “aviaries” with nets over them. For real.

After the fact, we’ll look at camera and payload capable quad drones being sold to all comers like high-powered sniper rifles being sold to anybody at Toys-R-Us. Or, “get them while you can,” depending on your POV. These are weapons of war in Mosul, and will be here soon enough.


CTC Perspectives – The Islamic State’s Drone Documents: Management, Acquisitions, and DIY…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.