On Black Bloc

This is from an ANTIFA blog. If you are at a protest or caught in one, this is what you need to look out for. And this works both ways, Suit up as appropriately if you are doing a COUNTER protest……….36″ wood baseball bat comes to mind, knee and elbow pads and hockey helmet with an industrial face breather or a welders helmet. Possibly a metal garbage can top as a shield……..


A Las Barricadas !

The problems we have in BB are tactical. Most people participating usually have no idea how to act, what to bring, how to move as a group, and usually have no spine.
You need protection from blows, gasses, and impacts. (Maalox is a efficient tear gas antidote.) You need to keep together to avoid encirclement, and arrest, you need create a barrier zone by pelting the pigs so they keep a good distance and can’t deploy in front of you, and you need barricades to slow them down, and stop traffic in the area. This makes for fear and confusion among pig ranks.
You need a solid front-line, I cannot stress this enough. By front-line, I mean the very front bunch of people facing ahead. You need at least seven people with strong shields to hold the line and deflect projectiles and keep the pigs from attacking the softer…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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