And Fear No Darkness

mtnforge | March 21, 2017 at 12:34 |
That is an excellent read. Like you are fond of quoting CA,
“The Center Can Not Hold”
There’s the great line: “As you know, madness is like gravity…all it takes is a little push.” – The Joker, Batman

No doubt there is a circular aspect to history. Interesting how the advent prologue of Kek portends much regarding the 4th turning. I think Bannon and Breitbart are probably the most dangerous, and feared men to the statist quo. Assassinating Andrew was a big mistake, they only made him more powerful than he could have been alive. Bannon would most likely not have ended up within Trump’s inside cadre, become Nemesis, the righteous infliction of retribution, manifested by an appropriate agent.

Sure it’s FUBAR, that is the whole point.
What the theory leaves out is of course, nothing new here, is the dirt people. Very few theoreticians account for the motive power of the dirt people, sure they pay it lip service, regardless, the dirt people are the reason behind why these turnings are like they are. The prognosticators are always after that dirt people motive power, the wealth and energy of the dirt people, (wealth originates no where else), at the same balancing the tyranny to extract that wealth without killing the golden goose.
But like all systems of extraction of wealth, i.e. governments, greed and lust for power overcome the need to balance the equation of slavery of the state without killing the slave.
I believe the confluence of the audacity of the dirt people is the most powerful dynamic in the equation, and it destroys the statist quo over time. That constitutes the cause of the 4th turn in the turnings.
Looking on the positive side, us dirt people who have the courage and the wherewithal get to upgrade from the FUSA. like the man said, it won’t be pretty. Regardless it is the honorable resistance out there, it is real, it is tangible, it is happening because it begins with each of us who choose it, and everyone can join right now. All you have to do is choose Liberty, the rest is natural as primal rights and self determination, as profound as individualism. The left elites ultimately lose because their war is against human nature. Humans are tribal beings, they need a sense of identity, of belonging. At some point there is nothing to loose in that and everything to gain. That has a power all it’s own also.

In Thomas C. Schelling’s Arms and Influence, he stated;
“The power to hurt – the sheer unacquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.”

It’s there, LeVoy Finnicum and Waco is all the proof it exists. I believe that above is what we are on the threshold of experiencing. There are cracks all over the illusion of legitimacy of the state where this “power to hurt” leaks through.
The scope of the lawless disregard of the elites is expanding exponentially by the day by the very nature of corruption of the elites lust to retain absolute power.
Everything they do now involves surviving that illegitimacy, that transition to existential survival is the turning.
Waco rules writ large baby.

Ripping the chainsaw from the grasp of the political class as they hack away at the tree of liberty will be difficult at first but once they start folding (a quality they all share thankfully) it will come fast. -unknown comment

It’s a fight, it’s epic.
Will it be Ragnorak?

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Key phrase:

“…can no longer be maintained…”


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