Powerful 3 Color Phaser Hit the Korean Missile Test??, 1582 – YouTube


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Since the explosion of Little Kim’s prototype ICBM, about 54 hours ago, I got an email from a supporter who is a government weapons scientist. He prefers to remain anonymous, but I know his name and where he is employed and that alone is sufficient for me to believe him.

Let’s call him Tim. Tim says that in 2009 he was working with some US Army researchers who were working on a highly-classified, directed-energy weapons program. Tim was aware of the problems this project was facing in generating enough power to create a laser shot powerful enough to be an effective weapon.

He made a suggestion that instead of creating a super-powerful laser using only one color of laser light, that they create a more versatile weapon using the three primary colors of light; blue, red and green.
That way, the laser could be automatically tuned to…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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