The Cuck Categories BY: E.B.

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The Cuck Categories
By: E.B.
Cuck – a derogatory slang term for a weak, effeminate, or inadequate man originating from the Old French cucu to the Old English cuckhold meaning the husband of an adulteress, often regarded as an object of derision.
In today’s internet society, the term cuck is the slang term heard ’round the world. But, as women, what exactly does that term mean for us? Of course, we are well aware of the growing popularity of the sexual cuckhold. A strange and detached sexual habit that enlists a third party male into the marital bed with full knowledge and consent of the husband. This degenerate ménage à trois is  rampant throughout the millennial generation and a trending search on most pornography websites. This subject alone is blog for another time. But, what I do want to discuss is not the cuckhold of yesteryear and it’s sexual popularity…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

70 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.