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The Virginia Freeman's Society

Traditions, rituals and ceremonies take centuries to build, and can be lost in an instant. Be careful of your inheritance. – Unknown

The nuclear family must be destroyed…whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. – Linda Gordon

Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage. – Sheila Cronin

“Tribe.” How can there be tribe without clans? How can there be clans without extended families? How can there be extended families without patriarchy? How can clans become tribes without a chief? Indeed, how can there be families at all with divorce, contraception and infanticide and a ‘working ‘mother’? And as far as community goes, can you think of a people less prone to coalesce into community than Americans? – SFC Steven M…

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Pulaski County, Arkansas Sheriff supports Little Rock becoming Sanctuary City.

The Roper Report

As previously reported HERE, the black affirmative action promoted Little Rock City Police Chief, doing the step-and-fetchit work of anti-White liberals, is lobbying to make Little Rock a Sanctuary City for illegal immigrants.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, even though Constitutionally independent and sovereign, is in practice subservient to the much larger and better funded Little Rock City Police Department. The Sheriff’s name is, wait for it…Doc Holladay. Really. He’s on record as stating that he is pro-immigration. He only wants to deport illegal immigrants who are wanted outside his jurisdiction on felony warrants, not illegal immigrants. Otherwise, he just wants Hispanic votes.

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Anti-Whites work to make Little Rock a Sanctuary City: Who’s behind it.

The Roper Report

According to the 2000 Census, Little Rock was less than 3% Hispanic at the turn of the century. Since then that percentage has more than doubled, to 7%.

At a forum to make Little Rock into a Sanctuary City for illegal immigrants held Saturday, the affirmative-action promoted black Little Rock Chief of Police told the crowd of 100, most of them illegal immigrants or their advocates, that he will NOT help enforce Federal immigration laws. Kenton Buckner, the obese, bald negro, bragged that “Eleven percent of the officers hired since June 2014, when Buckner was sworn in as police chief, have been Hispanic, according to the department.”

In addition to the step-and-fetchit negro police chief and the greasy, illegal immigrant spics, at least one self-loathing cucked formerly White beta was present, as well, along with his feminist anti-White wife.

“Jason Smith said he traveled from Arkadelphia with his wife…

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NonWhite Police Want Little Rock To Be Sanctuary City

The Roper Report

In a move made without the support of the Governor, state legislature, citizens, Mayor, or city government, the Little Rock police department has issued a statement claiming that they seek for the city to become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

Little Rock is the Arkansas state capitol, and largest city. White Nationalist and former Arkansas candidate for Governor Billy Roper led two demonstrations against the opening of a Mexican Consulate there when it first was announced, as well as a protest against former Mexican President Vincente Fox when the leader, famous for saying that “Mexico is where Mexicans are”, gave a pro-immigration speech at Hendrix College. Roper has also organized protests against the League of United Latin American Citizens convention and the Immigrant Worker’s Freedom Ride when both events were held in Little Rock. Now, one of the felonious pro-immigration groups which helped finance and facilitate the importation of illegal…

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Wal-Mart Boss Bans Whites

The Roper Report

Deborah Mahon, an elderly White lady, was accosted by two vicious nonWhites in an Arkansas department store recently, and forced to defend herself and her heritage and culture verbally. Unfortunately, a seemingly queer store manager evicted her from the premises, the racially motivated anti-White who video recorded the encounter put it all over the internet, and then Wal-Mart’s pro-gay, anti-White corporate bosses got involved. Now, Mrs. Mahon has been publicly attacked and slandered based on the anti-White propaganda.
Wes, the Walmart Neighborhood Market Assistant Manager in Centerton, Arkansas, just south of Bentonville, didn’t care whether the White woman had been harassed, or verbally abused, or even threatened. He only wanted to kick her out of the store to make the two non-Whites happy. He looks like a homosexual,  don’t you think?
Many people have seen the one-sided tail-end of the online video which went viral, showing a White lady…

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Action, Reaction and You

The Virginia Freeman's Society

Craig raises some interesting discussion points for the water cooler and the barbecue this weekend. Confidence in the government is at an all time low and the trust of the official narrative has all but disappeared among traditional Americans. Maybe it’s time to wonder out loud why the people in the ivory towers never seem to bear the brunt of policy driven by the Magic Dirt Theory and the petrodollar. If you’re not actively trying to influence your friends, coworkers and neighbors then you’re wrong. People are furious and they are open to solutions. Make use of that opportunity while you can. You may know it, but do they?

P.S. Commies still deserve helicopter rides. 

– JJ

The true patriotism, the only rational patriotism is loyalty to the nation all the time, loyalty to the government when it deserves it.Mark Twain

In politics, stupidity is not a handicap

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