PsyOp’s Notes on Practical HF


My friend graciously sent his notes and kind words from our last regional test. Despite an angry wife and dirty looks from an uppity HOA (…tyrants…), he gets on the air trying new things; like all good soldiers, he seeks to constantly improve his position.

PsyOp here:

First off, I must thank BB and the others who have encouraged, assisted and act as sounding boards and advisors (Elmers) on my journey into EMCOMM/HF/VHF/UHF, it has been and continues to be both exciting and maddening… Many times I dream of this stuff, come up with crazy workarounds, ideas and theories, and can’t wait to try them out, much to wifey’s chagrin…This commostuff is part science and voodoo magic, trial and error, wash, rinse, repeat. My general background is in IT, so I get electrical/rf concepts and theory, and not afraid to test and tinker, as I have to do that for…

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