Wal-Mart Boss Bans Whites

The Roper Report

Deborah Mahon, an elderly White lady, was accosted by two vicious nonWhites in an Arkansas department store recently, and forced to defend herself and her heritage and culture verbally. Unfortunately, a seemingly queer store manager evicted her from the premises, the racially motivated anti-White who video recorded the encounter put it all over the internet, and then Wal-Mart’s pro-gay, anti-White corporate bosses got involved. Now, Mrs. Mahon has been publicly attacked and slandered based on the anti-White propaganda.
Wes, the Walmart Neighborhood Market Assistant Manager in Centerton, Arkansas, just south of Bentonville, didn’t care whether the White woman had been harassed, or verbally abused, or even threatened. He only wanted to kick her out of the store to make the two non-Whites happy. He looks like a homosexual,  don’t you think?
Many people have seen the one-sided tail-end of the online video which went viral, showing a White lady…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.