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APIIINation Patriot Coalition

It is the mission of APIIINation and the patriot coalition of states to bring together and unite Americans from all walks of life who believe in the liberties and freedoms our founding fathers set forth in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We accomplish this by exercising our rights as American citizens to peacefully assemble and share knowledge, protest, train, and network with other patriots in our community. We support, with the utmost respect, all law enforcement, active duty and reserve military, and other first responders that keep to their constitutional oath. APIIINation or the coalition of patriot states is neither a militia nor a para-military organization, but does respect the rights of the constitutional militias around the country. If the time arises that we must bear arms and defend our nation, our state, our community, or our constitution, we will stand side by side with our fellow American patriots in law enforcement, military, and constitutional militias to drive back the unjust and tyrannical with well trained precision. If God allow, hopefully that day never comes, until then we will serve our fellow man by helping our veterans and less fortunate and our communities in times of need.
With this mission, we the APIIINation coalition of patriot states welcome all that may join in our mission.


Moslems taking part in Eid al-Fitr prayers at the Donaghey Student Center at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock on Sunday.  The prayer marks the end of Ramadan….



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