REACTION – To be or Not to be……

Pull a coup on 65 million American’s who voted for President Trump?
Thats some world class stupid right there.
They can’t even handle one Patriotic American, they got to resort to framing him using the fake media to run the con which is conning no one who voted for Trump. Not to mention Congress is the most reviled collection of government traitors, crooks, liars and fools imaginable. Who have not lifted a pinky in support for either the duly elected president or the unquestionable and legitimate will of the people.
A will that is about as fed up and angry as is required to start a revolution, and they are going to impeach Donald Trump based on a narrative and deceit even worse than the one that “elected” his predeccessor.

Interesting they can’t wait out 3 years and some months, use vote fraud like they have since RR was President.
Something pretty important, some timeline, must be very critical to them to go to all this trouble to put together a total farce as cover for committing their coup.
Is that Overton Window all but closed?
Are there events planned that depend on execution of a coup, that would have been relying on a Clinton Crime Inc regime, that can never be restarted after a timeline expires, and all hope for the final stages of their long march are kaput?
Its not the coup that is so bad, and it doesn’t get much worse than that, it is what these fuckers have to have in store after they have their little Trump coup party, and just who is it that will be taking President Trump place?

We all got to be cognizant of the right questions here. Because something pretty nasty is at work to go to all the effort and expense, the political capitol and markers, their charade has to be costing them…
If they are going to really jump this shark, whatever it is, you can bet a right nut it is going to be some seriously nasty dictator/totalitarian stuff.
Are they that bat shit crazy to install the psychopath in a pantsuit as our next dear leader?

These clowns are not all brain dead. They know this country is the most heavily armed citizenry, probably in all of history. They are going to have to double down in ways we have never experienced in this country to even hope for success on a level they can handle the back blast of framing Trump. Because if they pull this stupid stunt, this country will become ungovernable by any method short of using tactical nukes on the resistance to this “ruling elite” bullshit.

The days of unicorns and unchallenged total media monopoly of information, not to mention total brainwashing are over.
Just who do they intend to fool?
It won’t be the American’s who are aware and armed, exactly for such a crazy fucking idea as a coup in America. They ain’t fooling anyone with a lick of good sense.
And fooling the useful idiots and the brain dead normies isn’t going to gain them any kind of political or tyrannical power beyond what they have now. It isn’t exactly a impressive crowd if BLM and anti-fa are inactive of potential. Obama’s deep state stay behind red diaper babies have been whittled down somewhat, and they are mostly desk jockies and seat warmers with a lucrative government rice bowl to protect.
I can just see Lois Lerner and her IRS SJW’s running through the streets with AK’s fight FreeFor.
And what are they going to do about that sea of red out in flyover/dirt people land?
I got serious doubts a military worth a damn in regards to pulling some kind of nation wide all encompassing martial Law bullshit will show up all of a sudden and do the jackboot and concentration camp thing when their CinC Trump is kangaroo courted by a bunch of globalist scumbags. The other option is to bring in UN “peacekeepers” or foreign military outfits like in Matt bracken’s Enemies Foreign & Domestic trilogy.
And we all know those blue helmet bullet magnet smurfs are all but open season, by any red blooded American worth a damn and has a rifle. Lot of pretty fine civilian marksmen who have grown up with fine American made rifles in their hands who ain’t going to be very receptive to Donald Trump being impeached by dirty stinking commies.
They do this impeachment scam it will become a total freeforall. Lord knows there’s millions just waiting for a chance to go Mad Max outside the demographic of patriotic Americans. Once it starts, it will go postal.
Talk about racial cleansing and Balkanization.

Maybe that is the goal. Throw the baby out with the bath water. That marxist axiom, of “Order Out Of Chaos”?
It’s one way to get America out of the way of their One World Order agenda. Let America rip its own guts out by setting everyone against each other, aka Divide and Conquer.
Shit they’ve just about stripped mined out all the easy and low hanging wealth.
Whats that tell you?

Whatever it is, outright blind insanity, or intended crisis as a means, they are pretty serious.

But then again, Ol’ Trump doesn’t look or act worried. Knowing Trump, he’s got a trump card or two in reserve for such a thing, and is just waiting till these fuckers make such fools of themselves and self incriminate all of themselves via total treason, Trump uses the US military to round them all up and they get the helicopter ride of their worthless retched lives.
They have underestimate Trump at every turn. Whats to say they have learned that lesson?

Pretty exciting times we live in.


Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.