Knowledge is Power – Four References that will Assist You in Your Search…

The Defensive Training Group

The first book, “Night Movements,” by C. Burnett, who translated it from the Japanese manual written by a Japanese Officer during the Japanese-Russian War, was brought to my attention by SFC Steven M. Barry, a retired Special Forces Senior NCO, when he mentioned he used the manual to train sniper and reconnaissance techniques while on Active Duty.  I had not read the manual before, or knew where to get it, but a lucky Amazon search brought it up almost immediately, and in a few days, I had my copy.  Reading it has been a pleasure; the information contained is priceless.

Techniques therein have also been described in training exercises by Matt Bracken, in his piece, “Night Fighting 101,” and HJ Poole in his series beginning with, ‘The Tiger’s Way‘ and the culmination of his series, “The Last Hundred Yards.”

I’m always glad to glean…

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