First-timers: What to expect at the next ShieldWall Network meeting.

The Roper Report

So you will know what to expect:

ShieldWall Network meetings are family friendly environments. No alcoholic beverages or personal or inter-organizational drama, please.

The next ShieldWall Network meeting will be on Saturday, September 23rd, in central Arkansas, beginning at 12 noon and lasting approximately two hours. At that meeting you will also be informed about three upcoming events which we urge you to attend, two in-state in different regions of Arkansas, and one out of state. Due to this meeting being expected to be our largest so far, we have secured a private location. For that reason, those whom we have not met with previously will be provided with a rendezvous point for vetting prior to admission to the secure site. Security will be on hand both at the rendezvous point and at the meeting location. E-mail for the exact time and location of the rendezvous.

The meeting itself…

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