The Kernal And “General” Admission Flatt (not) Part 2

Mason Dixon Tactical

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So a friend send me this link to a “Ninja” blog, and low and behold, there’s an interview with the guud Kernal. This is mostly gonna be screenshots with a few comments here and there. Have Fun (especially you Jim LOL).

CaliMoo Kernal14

“Be warned he is very professional and so you will see much leaked information, if any here.”. Uhhhhhh?

CaliMoo Kernal10

State Commander by “Congressional” appointment? Medical Commander for the Minuteman Project? That explains A LOT! The Kernal was at Bundy huh? I bet that can be verified real quick by those that really were.

CaliMoo Kernal11

“Freedom is not a spectator Sport.” “General” Will B. Flatt (doubt it), Defense Secretary fourth CC (Retarded). There you have it, straight from “General” Admission’s mouth. I guess the guud “General” is a Jackie Robinson fan. The quote is “Life is not a spectator sport.” moron.

CaliMoo Kernal12

So Ron Collins, aka “Black Drag on Ninja”, aka “

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