More distorted anti-White Media Smears on Jacob Goodwin


Pray for War

The Roper Report

by Billy Roper

The instability of the current American political system, reflected in the increased polarization and division of the population into diametrically opposed camps, has increased global tensions from North Korea to Venezuela. Wherever the potential next external war originates, it now is likely to go nuclear. There’s a high probability that such an escalation would decapitate the government of the United States, creating a vacuum of power and resulting abdication of sovereignty over much of the nation. This would certainly result in a civil war between relatively racially homogeneous regions, causing the balkanization of the country and the rise of ethnostates. Yes, including White ethnostates, fam.

Think about where the nearest U.S. military bases, ports, air fields and training centers and depots are to you, as well as cities of over 100,000 in population. These are the primary and secondary targets you can expect to be hit in…

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Quote Of The Decade

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Via Herschel:

“…But this all misses the point, and while the U.S. military goes about its business preparing for fifth generation warfare, they do so because they haven’t learned how to win fourth generation warfare and are planning their next engagement being a near-peer.

Do you suppose this would look like great land armies getting into formation at the edges of great fields of battle and marching towards each other?  What do you think such a messy civil war in America would look like?  Bubba would be wearing a Ghillie suit, shooting a bolt action rifle, or a modern sporting rifle, and after the shot you will never hear from him again – until the next one.  And you’ll never catch him.  Police will have to decide what side to take, and if they take the wrong one, they will be dealt with in the middle of the…

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DeAndre Harris, Black Thug Attacker, Charged With Assault.

The Roper Report

The lugenpresse Washington Post story also carries extended coverage of anti-White scheming to seek Jacob Goodwin’s arrest.

“…Harris’s beating has inspired a social-media campaign by activists to identify his attackers, two of whom were charged weeks ago. A third man, Jacob Scott Goodwin, a 22-year-old from Ward, Ark., was arrested by U.S. Marshals Tuesday night after being identified by online sleuths, who are led by journalist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King.

King, who has spent hundreds of hours poring over photos and video footage of the rally and the parking garage attack, said he was appalled that Harris has been charged.

“I am disgusted that the justice system bent over backwards to issue a warrant for one of the primary victims of that day, when I and others had to fight like hell to get that same justice system to prosecute people who were vicious in their…

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Jacob Goodwin (Charlottesville Hero) legal defense fund.

The Roper Report

Here is the Fundraiser page for Jacob Goodwin’s legal defense fund, if you would like to contribute via credit or debit card online.

Jacob Goodwin is a brave young man who has been arrested in Arkansas pending extradition for a warrant out of Charlottesville, VA.. Support free speech. Please help his family and friends with his legal defense fundraiser. Any amount would be appreciated.

Jacob Goodwin, a 22 year old young man who has never had so much as a parking ticket, is alleged to have defended himself against a brutal, violent thug who has already been charged with assault in the incident. A politically motivated witch-hunt led to charges being filed against Jacob, as well. Now, he has been arrested and is facing extradition to Virginia. Lawyers for his legal defense have been procured both in Arkansas and Virginia, but his family and friends desperately need your help with…

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