Jacob Goodwin’s Parents on StormFront Radio

The Roper Report

10/31/2017 – Hour 1
[Note: Hour 2 of yesterday’s show did not air due to technical difficulties]

Host: Mr. Don Black Co-Hosts: Dr. Patrick Slattery and Father Francis

Happy Halloween ! …Everybody’s favorite holiday?
Dr. Slattery opened the show on a humorous note by joking that we can all be Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists for Halloween — no costume needed!
Mr. Black reminisced that he and his family used to go all-out for Halloween with the yard decked out like a graveyard gallows. Careful though, to be sure, no hanging dummies as any display on Halloween (or in costume choice, for that matter) can cause offense and even outrage in our politically sensitive society. Mr. Black also described how we have neighborhoods and communities in transition, and that most do not feel safe trick-or-treating.
Dr. Slattery brought up that Robert Mueller, Special Investigator in the so-called “Russian collusion” investigation has announced…

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Whites Told to Move to the Back & Let Colored People Have Front Seats at Halifax Concert

The Roper Report

by Paul Fromm
Just imagine a concert where women or Negroes in the front rows, despite having paid for their tickets and seats, were told to get up and go to the back of the hall to create a privileged `’safe space’ for Whites. 
You can just hear the squeals of indignation. A human rights commission investigation would be ordered forthwith. Every politicians of whatever stripe would be tripping over themselves to denounce the event and order the organizers banned from whatever they could ban them from. The venue would roundly denounce whoever made such a demand.
Well, near total silence and no official condemnations greeted a racist, anti-White demand from Lido Pimienta, a  singer and non-White import from Colombia who regularly demands that Whites and men vacate their sets and go to the back of the hall. 
A White woman refused to give up her seat and has been…

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A Response To: ‘A Time for Choosing in the Church’

The Roper Report

Obviously, as a Christian Identist I differ with the author in that I don’t believe in a ‘catholic’ church, ” composed of men from every nation”, which is for all humanity. Nor do I believe that nonWhite, soulless beasts of the field from the Genesis Ch. 1 creation, nor Satanic-seedline Jews, are called on to faith and repentance. Otherwise, though, this calling-out of the cucked Judeo churches of every stripe is a good start.

Ultimately, the problem with claiming that Christianity is for everyone, and that nonWhites have souls, is the inescapable conclusion that they may attain salvation. If one retreats to the position that nonWhites have souls and can attain salvation, then the slippery slope is exactly what got us here from there, originally: if they will be sharing heaven with us, then why not share a church with them here, or school, or a cafe, or a bed?

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Arkansas Media Breaks Silence on Jacob Goodwin Extradition Fight!

The Roper Report

The Searcy Daily Citizen newspaper just ran a front page article on Jacob Goodwin’s case:

ShieldWall Network

What: member fighting extradition to Charlottesville, VA

Who: Jacob S. Goodwin, 22, of Ward

Why: Being charged for role in fighting at protest; doesn’t feel like will get a fair trial.

‘It was a trap’

Arkansan describes circumstances of Charlottesville fighting

by Tracy Whitaker, Searcy Daily Citizen

A 22-year-old man arrested two months after reportedly being identified as an aggressor in a fight at a Charlottesville, Va., demonstration talked to The Daily Citizen at a White County Courthouse rally a week after the Virginia protest, describing fights that were, according to him, acts of self defense.
Jacob Scott Goodwin of Ward is currently being held in the Lonoke County Detention Center awaiting extradition to Charlottesville, Va., to face charges relating to the incident in which a black man was shown on video being…

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