The Official Narrative Of The Las Vegas Shooting Is Bullshit

The Roper Report

by Luke Stranahan

Here we go again. Although I was hoping we’d make it out of 2017 without some mass shootings, we picked up one last weekend on Sunday night on the Las Vegas Strip, where a gunman began shooting from a hotel room into an outside-venue concert across the Strip and continued until the police battered in the hotel room door to find him dead. Many, many questions have been asked about these events, and there aren’t answers to be had. We’ll talk today about some of the details that have emerged, the theories, and the government spin.


Although it’s undergone some revision, the current reports have it that the gunman, one Stephen Craig Paddock (have to use all three names, for some reason, when talking about serial killers, assassins, and the like) had a lot of weapons in his hotel room, but none of them were fully…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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