Aim For The Hair Of His Chinny, Chin, Chin

Mason Dixon Tactical

A long time back, when we would practice CQB, there were two varieties. We had the standard “Toss in a frag and hose the room down on full auto” CQB, and there was “Surgical/Precision” CQB where the shooters use a flashbang and took semi-automatic fired aimed shots at the upper chest or head for hostage type situations. A number of years back, the mantra of “Hips and Heads” came into vogue, and it made absolute sense from the combatants POV, simply because more and more country’s were issuing decent body armor to troops, and the armored bad guy threat (think North Hollywood shootout) was becoming an issue.

Suarez is right when he says we need to adapt or we will die. Hard facts deserve a hard fix. If you’ve been practicing “Heads and Hips” as many of us have been, you’re good to go, but relaying the points Suarez made…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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