DeAndre Harris, Black Thug Attacker, Charged With Assault.

The Roper Report

The lugenpresse Washington Post story also carries extended coverage of anti-White scheming to seek Jacob Goodwin’s arrest.

“…Harris’s beating has inspired a social-media campaign by activists to identify his attackers, two of whom were charged weeks ago. A third man, Jacob Scott Goodwin, a 22-year-old from Ward, Ark., was arrested by U.S. Marshals Tuesday night after being identified by online sleuths, who are led by journalist and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King.

King, who has spent hundreds of hours poring over photos and video footage of the rally and the parking garage attack, said he was appalled that Harris has been charged.

“I am disgusted that the justice system bent over backwards to issue a warrant for one of the primary victims of that day, when I and others had to fight like hell to get that same justice system to prosecute people who were vicious in their…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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