Jacob Goodwin’s statement to the patriots in Tennessee

The Roper Report

On the eve of a brave ‘White Lives Matter’ stand by League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, National Socialist Movement, and ShieldWall Network patriots in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, political prisoner Jacob Goodwin, a hero of Charlottesville, offers these words of encouragement:

Dearest Comrades,

I write these words to you from the darkness of my cell. It seems foreign to me. Not long ago, I was free amongst friends. Now, I spend 23 hours a day in my cell. My crime is being unapologetically White and standing tall in the face of cowards. Now they aim to break our family’s beliefs and our spirit, but to no avail. It was an honor to serve my people in Charlottesville. If I could change one thing, I surely would not. These people brand us criminals because we do not agree with their sick and twisted cultural norm. Truly they are void…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.