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By Billy Roper, Illustrations by Michael Sheehan

This rollicking, tension-filled alternate history steampunk adventure novel features romance, adventure, espionage, and suspense in a deeply researched, tightly wound narrative following two star-crossed lovers across an eerily familiar landscape, right next door to our own universe. Imagine an America where slavery never happened. Where we are free of that indelible besmirchment on our national character. Oh, and we’re still British. Welcome to the Commonwealth.

Encompassing the collective wisdom of the human species throughout history in one easily accessible, portable volume, ‘The Big Picture’ has been called “the handbook of the Alt Right”. This literary mini-encyclopedia, a veritable written internet, anthologizes clickable interfaces in brilliant black and white colors. Also serves as a convenient snack mat or coaster! Banned for possession in Israel and several of its client states…

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