A Response To: ‘A Time for Choosing in the Church’

The Roper Report

Obviously, as a Christian Identist I differ with the author in that I don’t believe in a ‘catholic’ church, ” composed of men from every nation”, which is for all humanity. Nor do I believe that nonWhite, soulless beasts of the field from the Genesis Ch. 1 creation, nor Satanic-seedline Jews, are called on to faith and repentance. Otherwise, though, this calling-out of the cucked Judeo churches of every stripe is a good start.

Ultimately, the problem with claiming that Christianity is for everyone, and that nonWhites have souls, is the inescapable conclusion that they may attain salvation. If one retreats to the position that nonWhites have souls and can attain salvation, then the slippery slope is exactly what got us here from there, originally: if they will be sharing heaven with us, then why not share a church with them here, or school, or a cafe, or a bed?

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.