Jacob Goodwin’s Parents on StormFront Radio

The Roper Report

10/31/2017 – Hour 1
[Note: Hour 2 of yesterday’s show did not air due to technical difficulties]

Host: Mr. Don Black Co-Hosts: Dr. Patrick Slattery and Father Francis

Happy Halloween ! …Everybody’s favorite holiday?
Dr. Slattery opened the show on a humorous note by joking that we can all be Neo-Nazi, White Supremacists for Halloween — no costume needed!
Mr. Black reminisced that he and his family used to go all-out for Halloween with the yard decked out like a graveyard gallows. Careful though, to be sure, no hanging dummies as any display on Halloween (or in costume choice, for that matter) can cause offense and even outrage in our politically sensitive society. Mr. Black also described how we have neighborhoods and communities in transition, and that most do not feel safe trick-or-treating.
Dr. Slattery brought up that Robert Mueller, Special Investigator in the so-called “Russian collusion” investigation has announced…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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