The Book Of Q

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From over the transom, a compilation of posts, allegedly regarding machinations behind the scenes in the USG.

Interesting times, as noted on the final page:

What to make of this so far?

Well, it’s hard to say at this point. Some of this Q stuff is hyperbolic, some of it is not verifyable. Codes like PHIL_B_O_Extracted – which some anons believed te be code for Barack Obama being arrested in the Philip- pines – can’t be verified. Obama was filmed arriving at a Democrat fundraiser in New York on november 15th, seemingly in a good mood. If he really was apprehended and struck some kind of a deal to fry the bigger fish, it is possible he would be allowed to attend such meetings. But this is all speculation, of course.

That some many things did seem to touch upon real events on the other hand, is stunning to…

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Practical Advice: Fighting In The Forest

Western Rifle Shooters Association

From a WRSA commenter:

Firing Port Training is excellent Training considering 90% of people live in a major city surround by potential Firing Ports.

But what if you end up in the woods?

How to Properly Use a Tree or the entire Forest for cover.

1) You can flag your barrel around a tree and tuck in very tightly, but you sacrifice visibly and, you will give away your position with constant movement to scan for targets; If you stack up on a tree, make sure you have a buddy(Or Buddies) watching your other angles. Communicate and Identify these sectors of fire.

When Setting your sectors of fire in a woodline there are a few things you want.

A) You want maximum overlap of sectors of fire on THE FARTHEST trees you can from what you believe to be the enemies most likely point of attack. This will prevent your…

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