New York Daily News B.S. Smear on Jacob Goodwin

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There are two things that the lying press don’t yet understand: number one, articles like this make those who hate Whites see us as conquerors once again, which is exactly what is needed, and number two, they are irrevocably picking a side with every tap of their keyboards.

Man wanted in gang beating of black man in Charlottesville busted in Arkansas

Jacob Goodwin was arrested Tuesday on a warrant issued by Virginia authorities.

(Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office)

An alleged white supremacist wanted for a vicious Charlottesville attack on a defenseless black man was busted by U.S. marshals in his home state of Arkansas, authorities said.Suspect Jacob Goodwin, 22, was arrested Tuesday at 7:06 p.m. on a warrant issued by Virginia authorities for the racially-motivated Aug. 12 beatdown of the outnumbered DeAndre Harris inside a parking garage.

Goodwin, a resident of tiny Ward, Ark., was in custody at the Lonoke County…

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