Saker: War With Russia – Two Great American Myths

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Total Commie dezinformatsiya.

Everyone knows that the American military is the most fearsome fighting machine in the history of mankind.

Ask the Afghanis.

And the jihadis all over the world.

Sure, it’s been 70+ years since Team Murika actually fought even a near-peer competitor.

And we’ve got some manpower issues:

VOA: US Air Force Pilot Shortage Grows to About 2,000

And some skillset issues:

USNI Proceedings: Recent US Warship Collisions, Part I — What Are the Root Causes?

Part II – Operational Pause

Part III – Maintenance

See also U.S. Navy Collisions: Why Theories of Cyberattack Don’t Hold Water

And some leadership issues:

Former West Point Prof Letter Re Corruption, Cheating, And Failing Standards At USMA


Blue Angels!!!!

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