Big Wheels Keep on Turning

The Kakistocracy

So here’s a question: if someone discovers the dusty diary of teenaged Dolores Peachman, who within it alleges sexual advances made in 1894 by Senator Patrick Leahy when he was 35, is he then prohibited from seeking a 17th term? Well certainly not if he’s a democrat naturally, but what’s the standard for non-progs? Are ancient, unsupportable allegations made with meticulous coincidence before a key senatorial election morally disqualifying? Would Bernie Sanders’ career be over the moment an antique accusation emerged from the assisted living center? If so, Republicans better start canvassing as if they’re Democrats. All it takes is a pointed finger…and a colluding media.

Now I obviously have no knowledge whatsoever of what’s true in the ongoing Roy Moore/teenaged girls scandal in Alabama. If he actually laid hands on a 14 year old as a grown man then he’s a degenerate and I presume a criminal without knowing…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

70 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.