Jacob Goodwin is on the way to Virginia, and ultimately, freedom.

The Roper Report

Arkansas Man Charged In Unite The Right Beating Of Black Man Extradited To Virginia

Federal authorities, including the U.S. Marshal’s service, had apparently passed on to the Lonoke County Sheriff’s department their mistaken belief that Billy Roper and his ShieldWall Network would be organizing a rally outside the jail to protest the extradition. For this reason, Jacob Goodwin was first transferred early in the morning to the Lonoke city jail from the Lonoke County jail, before the U.S. Marshals snuck him away to carry out the extradition order signed by anti-White cuck and Antifa-loving “Republican In Name Only”, Asa Hutchinson. Governor Hutchinson, who according to his attorney Criminal Justice Counsel Joe West, refused to meet with Jacob Goodwin’s family before signing the extradition papers, despite the large amount of evidence supporting their claim that Goodwin will not receive a fair trial in Virginia and an online petition signed by hundreds…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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