Jedburger III Cav/Mech

Mason Dixon Tactical

Here’s one for the Moolisha Kernals, Moolisha Generals, and the IIITurd. Wonder how long it will be before this is an offered class at the “Jedburger Inn”.

H/T Wisco Dave

For reference, the IIITurd (wasn’t he gonna go Cav in the Army before they caught him lying and banned him from entry?) was already fantasizing along those lines years ago, but he called it “IIIMechanized” LOL. Most all of the web sites shown below (there were many more) are gone now, and even the “” site that listed all the other sites is open for sale now. Guess they got expensive, huh?

Kerodinfuckup7-1III Mech Kerodin's One time pad site2-1

Of course for nostalgia purposes,  I’d love to have the ASV I actually used and roamed Iraq in ….Just sayin.



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