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On The Anti-Trump, Anti-Incumbent Resistance

It’s easy to scoff and dismiss this energy wave as a bunch of hairy-chinned, hot-flashing, post-menopausal C words.

But consider:

1) These people (and the Bernie supporters across generations) are the post-2016 Dem party, and their power will grow as Bill The Perv and Hillary The Drunk continue to lose power.

2) Their platform is More Power To Government At All Levels.

3) If the Hairy Chins are the anti-Incumbent Dems, where (besides within the Trump family) are the anti-Incumbent Republicans? If they exist, what is their plan? If their plan is valid, how do others get in contact and support it?

4) The most dangerous aspect in the article is the “Run for Something” concept, based on the single threshold question, “Are you Progressive?”. Imagine what local politics alone will look like after a couple cycles of that.

Simply put, if the pro-gun…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.