Resource Location and Allocation

The ShieldWall Network

ShieldWall Network homework assignment for over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays: For your local area, research where are the nearest of these resources and assets to your location:

-non-perishable food distribution centers and food warehouses

-Water treatment facilities

-sources of live water (rivers, creeks, lakes)

-Electric power production facilities

-Propane storage facilities

-Gasoline storage facilities

-National Guard Armories

When the collapse happens, those who are able to feed themselves, their neighbors, and their fellow citizens, and provide access to the other above-mentioned resources, will become the persons of influence in their communities.

After you locate the nearest locations to you of each resource, in the next phase research what would be necessary to secure and defend each of those sites from looters. Think about roads and rail lines and waterways accessing them, existing security emplacements there, and how they could be improved. In the final phase, consider what kind…

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Quaffles, The Golden Snitch, And Immigration

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Your country is nearly dead.

Absent radical immigration reform (a/k/a a five to ten year moratorium, minimum) AND a massive ethnic cleansing illegal immigrant deportation campaign, the continent of West Londonistan (a/k/a al-Amerika) is inevitable.

How are you and yours going to get by as a hated minority in a chaotic, polyglot paradise?

Strong thinking and doing needed for 2018 and beyond.

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