A Lesson From Aesop

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Anything from the M16 platform inside of 500y is a confidence target, last times I’ve checked. I sold the A2 version I had, which generally flipped the “y”s to “m”s as far as accuracy.

For the scoped 700 in .308, that moves to 750y unless the winds are over 30MPH from 3 or 9, and I need a spotter shot or two.

It’s been a bit over a year since I verified my zeroes, but I’ve got a friend who’s put in a 1000y range down on the border I need to go visit.

And for those time-limited, you can make a 10y snap-in for 100 to 500y on posterboard with a sharpie for dry fire, and get a shit-ton of dry-fire snap-in practice in the back yard.


At 10y standing in for 100y, the B modified long-range target is the end of a 2″x4″. 500y…

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