Destination Whippoorwill Hill

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This is a poignant, sentimental article written by a White man living in Washington State, who dreams of reacquiring the ancestral family home and acreage in the MidWest, where the values remain those of the Upper South. The tone and feeling invoked reflect many White Americans’ desire for an ethnostate of our own, and their willingness to move to help make it.

Destination Whippoorwill Hill

by Tom C. Purcell

It was 1957 or ‘58 when a modest, 28 acre plot of farmland was purchased by my grandfather.  It was intended as the family homestead, the family farm.  The area, often referred to as ‘Little Egypt’ was and remains more Missourian and upper Southern in cultural heritage than what’s consistent with the northern majority of Illinois state.  Like many, they were Southern Baptists and firm about the denomination.  The location of the property was between Salem and Mt. Vernon, Illinois, in…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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