Getting a Correct (and useful!) Zero on Your Rifle


In many of the discussions I’ve had with both like-minded and comparably-experienced folks, including some in my inner-circle, the topic of LRM comes up with usually two platforms in mind; the AR in 5.56 and a Bolt gun, commonly in 308 (7.62×51). To a man, we recognize the distinct advantage of the rifleman, not only from the discipline being the hallmark of a warrior but also that we can reclaim that Infantryman’s Half-Kilometer and with it provide an advantage over the OPFOR like none other. Paramount to that capability is understanding your zero and not only how to correctly perform it, but keep it in unpredictable conditions.

Obtaining the correct zero on your rifle is frequently the most misunderstood element of riflecraft, with the utility of a sling slightly behind. A zero is the correction of your point of aim (POA) to your point of impact (POI). This changes according…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.