A Look Ahead for 2018

The Roper Report

By Chuck Baldwin 

As we approach a new year, I want to proffer some observations that are suggestive of what 2018 may look like. Mind you, these are not predictions, but only observable trends that give us insight as to what the new year may bring.


The signs are everywhere that the Trump administration is going to take the U.S. (and perhaps much of the world) into war.

During Trump’s first year in office, he has expanded U.S. military operations around the world to the highest levels in modern history. Trump deployed U.S. Special Operations troops to 149 countries, which is a whopping 150% increase over the levels produced by the quintessential presidential warmonger, G.W. Bush.

In addition, Congress has rubber-stamped Donald Trump’s plans to allocate $214 million in an unprecedented military buildup in Eastern and Northern Europe—close to Russia’s borders. This expenditure is part of a larger $4.6…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

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