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Pictured: Tennessee state legislator Joe Towns, Democrat, Memphis.

The Typical Nigger Behavior of the obsolete farm machinery elected to public office by their fellow Memphis evolutionarily challenged is a great argument against multiracial democracy.

Joe Towns and G.A. Hardaway, two black Tennessee state legislators who are famous for being repeatedly fined for campaign rules and finance violations and for threatening and cursing at White lawmakers when the legislature is in full session, respectively, celebrated the illegal removal of the Confederate statues in Memphis.

“Weze all beze ekwalz now, an sheeit”, Towns remarked while slurping fried chicken grease from his otherwise ashy knuckles. “Muhfuggah be gone, jes like all de crackers roun’ heah be soon, knowhumsayin?”

“Yeah, true dat, cuz”, G.A. Hardaway added, reaching for a slice of watermelon. “Dem raciss sonovabitches know dats right! It be on, foah real, dawg. Dey be raciss an sheeit!”

The two…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.