Senate Democrats government shutdown puts illegal aliens above our military


Democrats celebrating shutting down the government for illegal aliens Democrats celebrating shutting down the government for illegal aliens

By now I guess everyone has heard about the Senate Democrats deciding to shut down the government. What’s surprising to me about this is why they are choosing to do it, and what it shows about their priorities. Who are they really working for?

Here’s Genevieve Wood’s article about it at the Daily Signal:

As you may have heard, a government shutdown is looming here in D.C. Many of you out there watching probably think, “So what? That can be a good thing. Less of Washington, fewer bureaucrats telling us what to do and how to spend our money.”  Those are all good points.

But that is not why Democrats are threatening to shut down the government.

Let’s keep in mind this is the same party that is always telling us if we shut down the government, this will be…

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WHERE YOU DON’T WANT TO BE… When It Hits the Fan

The Roper Report


When it hits the fan America’s population centers will explode in violence, looting, and total breakdown of law and order.
It’s a theory put forth by numerous survival and relocation specialists, and one that makes complete sense if you consider what happens in a truly serious collapse-like scenario.

Survival Blog founder James Rawles calls them the golden horde:

Because of the urbanization of the U.S. population, if the entire eastern or western power grid goes down for more than a week, the cities will rapidly become unlivable. I foresee that there will be an almost unstoppable chain of events:

Power -> water -> food distribution -> law and order -> arson fires -> full scale looting

In his recent documentary Strategic Relocation, retreat expert Joel Skousen echoes Rawles’ warnings:

The number one threat that I concentrate on. It’s not terrorism, it’s not natural disaster, it’s not even government or war.

The major threat is population…

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Updates on Historical Monument Attacks

The Roper Report

No, this is not a recap of all of the violent incidents over the last week in which inanimate objects of marble and granite randomly attacked people. Rather, it’s a brief listing of some of the recent assaults on the heritage and culture of the founding people of the United States.

(Courtesy of the Dixie Heritage Newsletter)

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New Albion under attack

The Roper Report

Recently, the leader of the New Albion movement, Tom Kawczynski, has come under fire by pro-Muslim and far left activists such as Antifa. As the Town Manager of Jackman, Maine, Mr. Kawczynski has worked to improve the lives of his fellow citizens through job creation, environmental protection, and the promotion of local culture and heritage. For those crimes, and for exercising his first amendment protected right to freedom of speech in his personal time, he and his family are being attacked in an attempt to destroy his career and their lives.

Unlike far too many public figures who are intimidated into renouncing their rights and freedoms by vicious liberal attacks, Mr. Kawczynski has decided not to recant or apologize his traditional values, or his expressed disapproval of the attempt to force Muslim Sharia law and other anti-Western influences on his community.

Here is his bold statement on Gab to the…

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How much does the average American corporation make in profit?


How much profit does the average American corporation make? How much profit does the average American corporation make?

A while back, there was a story about how Americans vastly overestimate how many people in the USA are homosexual. According to Gallup polls in 2011, Americans estimated that 25% of the people in America were homosexual. In 2015, it was 23%. The actual number is about 3%. So it’s very clear that Americans can have wildly inaccurate perceptions about reality. Why are Americans so wrong? I think it’s because they see a lot of gay people in high profile areas, particularly in the entertainment industry.

I thought about this failure to perceive reality when I saw a story about how much profit Americans think that corporations make. My guess was that the average corporation makes about 5-10% profit margin. I know this because I used to buy and sell stocks regularly and that’s one of the numbers I would look…

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