Top Band Magic: The Inverted L on 160M


JohnnyMac shows the radio world how it’s done. The ability to make and rig your own antennas is one of the cornerstones of communications preparedness- and his success demonstrates the praxis of what I teach. 160 is a big time challenge for a number of reasons- the antenna size being one- and his success at not only making solid regional QSOs but at QRP power levels on SSB no less demonstrates not only what’s possible  but how to do it on the cheap. 

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Article One – The plan

This is the first of three DIY articles on building a 160 meter, 3/8th wave, inverted ‘L’ antenna.

The original goal was to throw up a wire that would do 160 meters and with the use of a tuner be able to make contacts on other bands. My current G5RV antenna runs east/west so the…

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