Pro-Forrest, ‘Resist the Racists’ Rallies Planned for Saturday

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Pro-Forrest, ‘Resist the Racists’ Rallies Planned for Saturday

Posted By Maya Smith , Memphis Flyer News

In a series of recent blog posts, a Memphis resident highlights plans for rallies on Saturday to protest what he calls the “illegal” removal of the Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis statues from the city.
“On Saturday, January 6, in Memphis, there will be a true manifestation, a very real showing forth. And we’re not coming for your cookies,” one of the blogs written by former middle school teacher, Billy Roper read.

Roper says one protest, scheduled for Health Sciences Park at noon, is organized by a number of different organizations, from “pro-Confederate heritage advocates to the hard right” and that “all White Nationalists and Alt Right are invited to stand together.”

Some of the organizing groups include Southern Individualist, the Hiwaymen, Freedom Crew, Carolina Defenders, and Confederate 901.

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