SPLC weighs in on ‘Rally For Forrest’

The Roper Report

Even without the homosexual Jewish muppet Mark Potok, the anti-White SPLC staggers on, hoping to get more people shot by placing those with whom they disagree on hit lists, or gain more donations for their offshore bank accounts.

After monument to early Klan leader comes down, neo-Confederate group plans rally in Memphis

“…But, others, such as Billy Roper, a neo-Nazi from Arkansas, and lesser-known groups such as Southern Individualist, the Hiwaymen, Freedom Crew and Carolina Defenders, are promoting the rally and pledging publicly to be there.

“On Saturday, January 6, in Memphis, there will be a true manifestation, a very real showing forth,” Roper wrote in a recent blog. “And we’re not coming for your cookies.”

Plans posted online call for two parts to the rally: Some pro-Confederate groups will go to the Health Sciences Park, where the Forrest statue used to stand, while others will meet at the…

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Author: Alfred E. Neuman

71 year old geek, ultra-conservative patriot.